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What is a Community Hub?

A Community HUB is a place that provides central access for a variety of health, social services, cultural, and recreational services to nourish and support community life. A community hub can be a school, a neighbourhood centre, an early learning centre, a library, a seniors' centre, a community health centre, an old government building, a place of worship or another public space.

Who is Advocating for a Community Hub in Central Etobicoke?

Lots of people and organizations are! They include:

  • Local Social Services
  • Community Members
  • Community Stakeholders
  • Seniors Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Cultural Groups
  • Local Community Governments
  • Residents

Some of the agencies and associations who participate in the Working Group include:

How are Community Hubs Funded?

Organizations like Ontario Trillium Foundation and grants and funding from the City of Toronto and the Ontario Government and relevent ministries are often the key funders, but others like United Way, various partnerships and donations can also play an important role. The funding of the programs running at the Hub is the responibility for the agencies running those programs and occupying the Hub.

What are the benefits of a Community Hub?

Community hubs are a concept that both communities and policy-makers agree make sense. Community hubs reflect local community needs. Having a variety of support programs for people of all ages can forestall more intensive and costly programs in the future. They help bring communities together while providing improved access to services and better health outcomes for people. Healthier people mean a better community and ultimately significantly less costs in health care.

Who Are the CECH Coordinating Committee?

For the past two plus years, the CECH Coordinating Committee have been leading the initiative with support from many members of the community. This team of dedicated volunteers includes:

  • Jack Fleming (Co-Chair)
  • Colin Mang (Co-chair)
  • Rhena Fleming
  • Tonya Hopkinson
  • Michael Lacey
  • Rev. Brian McIntosh
  • Maria McLoughlin
  • Bozena Michalik
  • Angela Thomas
  • Anne Wood

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